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Lake Zimapan Mexico
Lake Zimipan Mexico
Lake Zimapan Mexico
lake Zimapan bass lake
lake Zimapan Bass
Trophy Bass Lodge on Lake Zimapan
Lake Zimapan Resturant
Lake Zimapan Bedroom
Lake Zimapan Bass
Lake Zimapan Lodge
Trophy Bass Fishing Lake Zimapan
Cabin for 4 anglers on Lake Zimapan

Lake Zimapan is an arch dam on the Moctezuma River, about 87 miles from the city of Queretaro. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and it services a 292 MW power station with water. The lake is approximately 9 square miles  in surface and in some places exceeds 600 ft. in depth with crystal clear water.


The average number of fish per boat per day is 50-100, with a lake record of 11 lbs. 8 oz.




Tackle Suggestions:


           5" Senkos:  watermelon/red, watermelon seed

           6" Zoom Shakey Head worms:  same colors as above

           4" Shad Shape worms: watermelon seed 

Crank Baits:

           Heddon Pop'N Image Poppers: pearl white

           Heddon Torpedo: frog

           Lucky Craft Gunfish Pencil Popper: chartreuse

           Bomber Fat Free Shad 8'-14': citruse, chartreuse shad, pearl shad

           Spro Little John: old glory


Lake Zimapan Mexico
Lake Zimapan Mexico
Lake Zimapam Mexico
Lake Zimapn Lodge Swiming Pool

Contact Tommy now to plan your great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

 505-414-5464 (Central Time Zone)

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