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An iconic lake that borders the Hidalgo and Queretaro states, the Zimapan Lake is surrounded by canyons: the Witches, the Epazote, and the most incredible of them all, the Eagle Rock Boulder Canyon, which is 1200 meters in length (3937 feet).


The fishing experience is incredible in all of its several bays. This is a lake that will test your fishing versatility; all through the year, this lake will make you try all different fishing techniques, from finesse to power fishing.

With fierce largemouth bass of around 19 inches that will fight you till the end, this lake is considered the best fishing place in the core of the country, with a catch and release model to guarantee sustainability. We have everything you need, so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the complete experience: bank-side cabins, high quality boats, all the necessary equipment, and restaurant service.

The fishing environment is complemented by several other natural attractions found around the Zimapan lake. 

Contact Tommy now to plan your great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

 505-414-5464 (Central Time Zone)

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