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I thought I would take the time to express my gratitude for allowing my family and friends to share your wonderful facilities at both Aguamilpa and Baccarac.

To some folks fishing is about competition. And while there is a time and place for that. To me fishing is about family. The joy on your child's face when they catch their first fish is priceless. Fishing is about teaching. There is no better place to teach someone to fish than Aguamilpa. I've had the pleasure to teach my Mom (her first cast in Mexico water was 5 lbs), My daughter who loved catching over 50 bass a day, and my Father who after all this years decided it was time to take up fishing. Our most recent trip was with our 8 year old son. He was able to catch 11 fish in 2 hours with one over 4lbs. On our recent trip to Baccarac in February my wife and I were able to catch 687 fish with 44 fish over 7 lbs and 6 over 9 lbs. Your guides are top notch and diffidently work very hard to make sure you catch as many fish as possible. With the numerous trips to your lodges we are greeted with hugs and feel right at home.

Again thank you for your attention to detail and providing access to such wonderful and beautiful places to allow me to bring the joys of fishing to friends and family.




The guys and I still can't stop talking about our trip to Baccarac  and how great a time we had. We are already looking at our calendars to try and schedule a return trip next year, still need to catch that 10+ pounder. We were there the first week of February and are probably looking at a week or two later next year unless you feel like there is a better time for that chance at a double digit bass. 



Hey Tommy,
I'd like to thank you for all the help you have given me over the years with my trips to Mexico for some amazing bass fishing. As you know, I have visited four lakes through your website: Novillo, Oviachic, Agua Milpa and Baccarac. All have been excellent fishing. More important to me is the level of service and the food and accommodations at each site. All have been top notch. Frank's house at Oviachic is not only unique, it is very comfy. Mario's places at Milpa and Baccarac have been particularly enjoyable. His people are really tuned into the service industry and his cooks make great food. And the guides on both lakes are as good as they get. That part is particularly important to me because I am a fly fisherman. Managing the boat and knowing where the fish are that I can reach can make or break a trip—and they always made it great. I always appreciate your suggestions about travel, tackle, gear, etc. Tim and I really liked your suggestion to use the CBX from San Diego into the Tijuana airport and then travel on a Mexican airline. It was cheaper and saved us time, and the whole event was smooth. So, as long as I can do it, I will book with you. Keep up the good work.


Hi Tommy,

Our 4 day stay at Baccarac far exceeded our expectations. George an I landed about 45 bass of 7+lbs and lost a few more.  Our best were 10.4, 9.14, 9.4. And no nets, good food and a good guide. What more could a fisherman want. Goodbye El Salto; I have a new fishing hole.

Contact Tommy now to plan your great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

 505-414-5464 (Central Time Zone)

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