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  Bassin 'til your arms hurt !! 


Lake Aguamilpa is located up the Nayarit’s Mountain chain, 30 miles northeast of Tepic, at an elevation of more than 2,600 feet above sea level. This lake is home to colorful parrots and many exotic creatures, as well as four beautiful waterfalls. The lake also has Cayman in the rivers. It is 70 miles long with 330 miles of shoreline and a lot of coves. Lake Aguamilpa is hands down one of the most beautiful lakes and is one of the best Mexico bass fishing lakes in the world. The lake record is 14 lbs 6 oz. To date, anglers can expect to catch 50-100 bass per boat. 

A typical day at the lodge begins with a wake-up-knock at the door with coffee. Then you will eat a great breakfast; or if you want to go right out to fish, the cook will make you burritos-to-go to eat out on the water. You will fish until lunchtime; then you will be brought back in for an awesome lunch.  The lodge has a full bar as well for you to enjoy at anytime. You can also choose if you want to take a nap or you just want to go right back out. After lunch time is the best bite some days where anglers have caught their biggest bass. Early morning is the best time for topwater on this lake as well. At about dark the guide will bring you back to the lodge where you will have an awesome dinner with drinks from the full bar. Then if you would like, the lodge offers a lot of sitting areas to enjoy your friends and family after dinner until it's time to go to bed.

The view from the lodge is one of the best seen in Mexico. Also if you or someone in your group likes massages, the lodge offers this service, as well to accommodate anyone in your group. 


Most Mexico bass fishing anglers use traditional bass fishing methods; but fly fishing is also popular.

One of the best Bass Lakes in Mexico.


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 8 lb. 5 oz. BASS ON AGUAMILPA

Contact Tommy now to plan your next great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

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