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World-Class COUES MULE Deer Hunting
Enjoy hunts for Sonora’s huge desert mule deer and the elusive Coues white-tailed deer in the high mountains

The deer that we target here are fully mature 5 1/2 year old plus bucks that typically score between 139-165. If you ever dreamed of harvesting a low fence truly wild trophy buck at a very reasonable price then this is your opportunity. The price of this hunt for 2023-2024 is only $4575.00 for one trophy deer (hunters choice, no additional trophy fee) Gun rental, license, ammo, lodging, and food included. The package is for 4 days. The only extra is for the staff and guides, usall about 15 to 20% of the package price.

I would like to add that the ranches we hunt are safe. We have never been in a dangerous or threatening situation. There is a myth that all of Mexico is extremely dangerous and one should not travel there. We take the highest precautions to keep it safe. Yes like anywhere else in the world if you are looking for trouble you will find it.

Due to the enhanced security situation in the last several years, the foreign hunting industry is once again on a dramatic upswing in Mexico. We would not put hunters at risk if it were dangerous. We pick you up in the US and take you across the border. The ranches are only about 30 miles from the US border. We are with you all the way through.

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