One of the most scenic lakes a bass angler will ever set his eyes upon. Nestled within the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, Huites was impounded in 1993 by the Mexican Government, predominantly for agricultural purposes to provide a consistent means of irrigation to the fertile fields and farmland. This 18-mile long lake was created by damming the Chinipas and Fuertes rivers. After the dam was finished, subsequent stockings with   Florida strain  largemouth bass has yielded a fishery that is unsurpassed by any current lake in the world.

Lake Huites is a 30,000-acre man-made reservoir built on the Rio Fuerte River. It is situated in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, on the West Coast of Mexico. It opened in the fall of 1997 and has been known to have fishing reports of 100-250 bass per day that weighs between 3-6 pounds. The plentiful wood cover and rocks in Lake Huites give huge advantage to the bass fish growth that at times 10 pounders are found here. To help preserve the lake into its bountiful glory, the officials made it the first catch-and-release lake in the republic. For a comfortable stay, fishermen can spend a night in Lake Huites La Estancia Lodge located on the lake in the foothills of the grand Sierra Madre Mountains.

The Mexico bass fishing season runs from September through June 15th annually, although the lake offers excellent fishing on a year-round basis. We have discovered that the months outside of this prime fishing window, June 16th thru August can be unpredictable and are often extremely hot or possibly rainy.

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