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Lake El Cristo Roto (The Broken Christ) is located in the northern part of the Bajio region, in north-central Mexico, bordered by Zacatecas to the north, east & west, and by Jalisco to the south. It was created by the Plutarco Elías Calles dam, which also transformed some of the highest landmasses in the region into islands. With an altitue of 6,400 ft above sea level, the lake is predominately of semi-arid climate.


The best-known aspect of the lake is likely the one regarding the 82-foot tall concrete and steel sculpture known as “El Cristo Roto.” The massive crucifixion is the work of Miguel Romo. In 2006, the statue of Jesus Christ was built on an island in the lake. According to local legend, the statue was damaged in transit and arrived with an arm and a leg missing. Although it was damaged, it was decided to erect it on the lake.

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