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In 1993, Lake Baccarac produced a 19.10 pounder that still ranks as the all-time Central America record, including Cuba. Flanked by steep banks and sheer canyon walls, the lake is chock full of Florida strain bass that flourish amid a jungle of brushy habitat that took hold when the lake was low. The fish also enjoy a year-round growing season thanks to the warm, Mexico climate. Another key ingredient is forage. In addition to threadfin shad, the lake supports a bountiful population of protein-rich tilapia. Commercial netters are only allowed to target the tilapia at night only, no nets in the daylight hours.

Lake Baccarac has been a good supplier of Florida large-mouth bass, and incredible continuous improvements have been reported every year. Situated on the Mexican state of Sinaloa, the lake is approximately 25 miles long and 5 miles wide and is nestled among green-forested mountain peaks. Several 19-pounders have been caught in this lake and with 300 rocky points, abundant deep coves and ample main lake humps, Lake Baccarac is popular for having a great structure

Brand-new 20 foot bass boats with trolling motors and depth finders manned by Lake Baccarac’s most famous guides who have an intimate knowledge of the lake, most having twenty years of experience on the lake, await you each morning to help you realize every angler’s dream – that trophy bass on your line. Plan well ahead for your trip. You’ll have to book early to get some of the limited accommodations during the September through June fishing season.

I’ve been fishing in Mexico regularly for 43 years and it is a thrill that I’d recommend to anyone who loves bass fishing. For pure numbers of fish on a daily basis, Mexican lakes are just phenomenal. Most lakes in Mexico go through boom and bust cycles, being red hot for numbers and/or big bass for a number of years, then going through a down period. Currently, I know of no lake in the world that is hotter than Lake Baccarac for catching 10 lb and greater lunkers. It truly is a phenomenal lake!

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