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With Trophy Fishing In Mexico
Catch a Bass of Your Lifetime


A tip (called a "propina" in Spanish) is the best way to show appreciation for good service.  Tipping is customary in Mexico, and is expected in many situations, though you generally will not get any flak if you neglect to give a tip.

More often than not, you will be better off leaving a “collective” gratuity for your entire stay with the LODGE MANAGER AT THE END OF YOUR TRIP than you will tipping service staff and guides individually. The reasons for this are not readily apparent, but they include the fact that overtipping to individuals makes it more difficult for the lodge manager to control the expectations (and behavior) of the staff.


At some lodges, guides who have been tipped excessively muscle out the less-experienced or less-senior but perhaps more-talented guides for access to the high tippers.

Generally, it is recommended tipping to be from 15% to 20% of the package price (USD), as it is in the United States when one goes out to eat. The tips are distributed by the lodge manager among all of the lodge personnel to include 50% to the staff and 50% to the guides.

If you catch that bass of a lifetime, then you can give your guide a little extra.

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