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Mexico Bass Fishing is the ultimate experience. Mexican bass lakes like

Aguamilpa, Baccarac, Comedero, Cristo Roto, El Salto, Huites, and Lake Zimapan  can produce bass over 10 pounds on any given cast. The sheer anticipation of a bass fishing trip to Mexico is enough to drive any angler crazy.

Guided Mexico Bass Fishing Trips. The 10 various lakes we represent offer different things.  Whether you are looking for a large number of catches, mainly a trophy bass, or a combination, we will put you on the right lake to help you accomplish your goal. Mexican bass lakes like Aguamilpa, Baccarac, Comedero, Cristo Roto, Hidalgo, Dominguez, El Cuchillo, El Salto, ‎Huites, Trophy Lake and Zimapan. We have several lakes in Mexico that can produce that Trophy Bass on any cast.


















Mexico Duck & dove hunting trips are here for your enjoyment.  Each of them are tailored to your preferences.  On an average day of duck hunting, with over 20 varieties, you will bag more ducks than you would all season the the U.S.  There is a plentiful amount of White Wing and Mourning Dove that feed on crops and get water from multiple ponds. The guides take extreme pride in furnishing our hunters with the hunt of a lifetime.











COPPER CANYON TRAIN TOUR                         

Mexico’s extensive Copper Canyon National Park is situated in the far northwestern states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua. The vast rugged region consists of six deep, interconnected canyons, each cut by a river. The canyons, in total, are four times bigger than the Grand Canyon and twice as deep!

Even more surprising, there’s a historic train that traverses the entire canyon system. The train is called El Chepe and it runs in a northeastern/southwestern direction between the cities of Chihuahua in the northeast and Los Mochis at the Pacific coast in Sinaloa. The train runs in both directions, so visitors can choose to travel in either direction. El Chepe is considered one of the world’s greatest train rides, for both its stunning panoramic vistas and the train track’s impressive engineering feats. The train journey is immensely popular with both Mexicans and international visitors.

Lake Baccarac Bass
Bass Fishing Mexico
Mexico Bass Fishing
Duck Hunting Mexico
Mexico Quail Hunting
White Wing Dove Hunting
Copper Canyon Train Tour
View of Copper Canyon  Train
Cooper Canypn Train Tour
       Proven Destinations

Our Mexico bass fishing trips, bird hunting trips, and Copper Canyon Train Tour have  been researched and experienced to ensure they are of the highest quality.

       Easy Booking

Once you tell us where you would like to fish, hunt, or take the train tour and the dates you want, we will check availability right away to hold your dates.

Rods & Guns Furnished

As the airlines increasingly charge for any over-sized luggage, we make it simple by having top quality rods and

shotguns available at your fishing or hunting destinations.

       Dedicated Support

We know your trip starts long before you leave home. We are here to answer questions about Mexico Bass Fishing, Bird Hunting Trips, & the Copper Canyon Train Tour.

             Quality Guides

Many of the guides at our All Inclusive Mexico Bass Fishing and Hunting destinations have as many as 20 years guiding experience in their home areas.

Contact us now to plan your great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

  Tommy Crawford    505-414-5464

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