Remember, you will be catching very large and super strong bass,

most likely your personal best ever; so come prepared!

Location: approximately 100 miles east of Los Mochis (LMM)


Size: approximately 30,000 acres at full pool


Lake record: largemouth: 15 lbs. 3 oz.


Facts: It’s possible to land scores of 3 to 8-pound largemouths daily on Huites, but tactics that catch smaller bass rarely work on the lake’s 10-pound-plus trophies. You must be 100 percent focused on catching a big fish if you are to succeed. You must tell yourself, “If I don’t get but one bite a day and it’s a 10 pounder, I’ll be happy.”


Fishing tips: To increase the odds of catching a bass exceeding 10 pounds, don’t fish shallow water along the lake’s shores. Fish open-water structures instead. Big fish typically hold off the ends of points, on deep breaks or humps, and often along the dam face.

Explore the water with deep-running lures until you find fish on these structures, then once you’ve pinpointed bass, hammer them with big swimbaits, deep-diving crankbaits and spinnerbaits, three of the top trophy-catching lures here.

Plan your trip when the weather is hot, the hotter the better. The weather is more stable then, the water’s warmer and big bass are most active.


Season: September thru June

Prime time is from April until mid-June.

Call Tommy Crawford at 505-414-5464 (Central Time Zone)