Lake Oviachic is located 15 miles from Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, in the state of Sonora. The city is 525 miles south of Tucson, Arizona and over 1,000 miles west of El Paso, Texas.


Obregon, a farming community, is a young city barely 78 years old who is proud of its Yaqui roots and of its immigrants, who came from Europe and the United States in the early 20th century. They came with the promise of a kind and fertile valley, where they intermingled with the population from the mountains and other regions of Mexico. From these origins has risen a hard-working and peaceful community of 500,000 residents who have created a wide spectrum of options to please their Mexico bass fishing visitors.


Lake Oviachic is 20,500 surface acre feet and approximately 25 miles long; which makes it one of the largest bass fishing lakes in Mexico. It has a tremendous population of Florida Strain Largemouth Bass, which were stocked in 1952, that grow very fast due to feeding on the abundance of Tilapia in the lake.


Bass fishing enthusiasts from as far as Europe and Australia come to fish the Oviachic waterway throughout the year. 

All bass fishing anglers on Lake Oviachic will have a very memorable experience of a wonderful Mexico bass fishing adventure at "PERHAPS THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN MEXICO."


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