Remember, you will be catching very large and super strong bass,

most likely your personal best ever; so come prepared!



Lake Mateos boasts an amazing Year Round Trophy Bass Season! Unlike other Mexican lakes, you don’t deal with many commercial nets or a massive hoard of boats!


Lake Mateos is big (all 55,000 acres of it), beautiful, and full of Trophy Bass! Sound too good to be true? This is such a lake, with unbelievably light fishing pressure. These are the primary reasons why we opened our trophy bass lodge at Western Mexico’s Lake Mateos.


Mateos is not a brand new lake. At one time it was regarded as one of Mexico’s best bass fishing spots. The fishing there was red hot in the early 1990s.  Then in 1994 the lake was almost drained to meet the demands of farmers who needed its waters for their crops. As the lake’s water drained away, so did its bass fishing. The fishing pressure faded as the water dropped and then almost disappeared. That situation has changed. We did considerable test fishing at Lake Mateos before deciding to open our new lodge. We’ve had anglers tell us that Lake Mateos is the best they’ve ever found for fishing spinnerbaits or topwater baits. Others say they’ve had super action fishing crankbaits off the big lake’s many ridges, points and islands.


The lake’s bass fishing population has come back strong and fast. It’s now common for anglers to have 100+ fish days at Mateos and many of these Florida Strain Largemouth bass now top 10 pounds or more.

Lake Mateos is a quaint lake that has amazing flats, rock islands, bluffs, shorelines and rocky points.. The open areas between these brush clumps provide wondrous fishing opportunities for anglers using everything from top water baits to plastic worms.  So, come join us for a fabulous and memorable Mexico bass fishing trip of your lifetime.


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