Built in 1998 Lake Huites has quickly gained a reputation as a world-class trophy largemouth bass Mecca. Anglers from around the world have flocked to Lake Huites to hunt for mammoth largemouths, relax in elegant accommodations, and enjoy the fine cuisine and hospitality of Lake Huites La Estancia Lodge.

The entire staff of Lake Huites La Estancia Lodge offers their American clients a fantastic fishing adventure and hassle free experience in Mexico. You'll stay in grand comfort at Lake Huites La Estancia Lodge, considered to be the lodge by which all of Lake Huites' other lodges are judged in terms of comfort, cleanliness and quality of the cuisine. You'll be pampered by the entire staff, ranging from the excellent cooks who will prepare both American and Mexican cuisine, to the housekeeping crew that will tidy your room each day, as well as the staff that will wash and iron your clothes each day so you don't have to be burdened by overpacking. There's even a tackle shop just in case you left that "hot" lure at home.

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