Lake Guerrero is one of the first lakes in Mexico known for its Trophy Bass Fishing. This enormous lake with hundreds of islands, points and tree covered flats has become one of Mexico's most consistent lakes. Guerrero has also been known to produce some real giants. With the growing popularity of catch and release Guerrero has seen a nice recovery. You can expect to catch between 25 and 50 fish per day with a good shot at fish over 8 pounds. Ten pound plus fish are caught weekly if not daily. All the guides on Guerrero are seasoned professionals some have spent their whole life on this amazing lake. Guerrero is only a short 2-3 hour drive from Harlingen, Texas  on paved roads all the way to the La Hacienda Lodge.

There is a paved runway only minutes from the lodge for private and charter flights. Or if you don't have your own private plane (like most of us) then you can fly into Harlingen on many different commercial airline.


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