Lake El Salto quickly became renowned for its sheer abundance of bass and as a place where 50-75 bass days occur regularly. It is believed there are some 20-pound bass swimming in El Salto.

The big bass strategy on this lake involves big lures, rods and line. Fly fishing can also be done on this amazing bass lake. Because much of the fishing occurs in centuries-old submerged mesquite trees and cactus, it is almost futile to use anything less than 20-pound-test line.

The best fishing action occurs in the upper half of the lake, where there are more than 30 islands, countless stands of flooded timber and the majority of El Salto’s nearly 400 brush-covered points. Although the reservoir has some floating Hyacinths, the flooded brush and trees seem to harbor the most bass and attract the most attention. Also, there are times when some of El Salto’s more peculiar bass structure – the flooded ruins of two villages – gets hot.


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