Remember, you will be catching very large and super strong bass,

most likely your personal best ever; so come prepared!


Location: 75 miles northeast of Mazatlán in western Mexico’s Sinaloa state


Size: Approximately 24,000 acres at full pool


Lake Record: 18 lbs. 5 oz.


Facts: The official name to famous Lake El Salto Mexico is Aurelio Benassini. This amazing lake was stocked with Lobinas Grandes ( Florida Strain Bass ), back in 1986 by Mexico and Sinaloa Government.


Fishing pressure on El Salto can be heavy, but this scenic lake has borne the pressure well. Salto’s abundant largemouths put on an astounding 2 pounds annually. Untold thousands of 7 to 14 pound bass swim here. Many experts believe this to be one of the best trophy bass lake in the world.

There are times, especially in years following high water and a good spawn, when the biggest issue is getting away from 1 and 2 pound bass. Sometimes they school up by size and you’ll wreck 3- to 5-pounders for hours. Other times, just when you think they’re all small, a 9- to 12-pounder will suddenly test your tackle.

Fishing Tips: Salto is full of excellent cover and structure for bass, including rock piles, standing timber, deep creek channels and long points. Consequently, big Bucket-mouths are caught throughout the lake on a wide variety of lures.

Many of the heaviest fish are caught on deep-diving crankbaits or swimbaits fished on flats adjacent to the old Elota River channel, on super-sized Carolina-rigged worms and lizards fished by the dam, and by running long-billed crankbaits or big Rat-L-Traps through deep holes where hawgs suspend.

October 1 through April 30 produces the best fishing for sheer numbers of bass, including some heavyweights. Prespawn usually occurs between December and January, with spawning February through March. The best months to fish for big post-spawn females are April, May, June and July. Trophies can be caught almost year-round, from Sept. 15 thru July 31.

Plan Ahead:  You'll have to book early to get some of the limited accommodations during the September through July bass fishing season.