This 70 mile long impoundment is located in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It is south of Tucson, Arizona and 90 miles east of Hermosillo, Mexico. The lake contains a mixture of northern largemouth bass and Florida strain largemouths. Named Plutarco Elias Calles, it is home to large quantities of bass. Three to seven pounders are very common and occasional double-digit monsters show up often.


Lake El Novillo Bass are very aggressive feeders and agile enough to easily chase down and catch most of their favorite foods. They are easily caught during a feeding spree but can be enticed into striking an anglers bait for reasons other than hunger. They are predatory by nature and at times will strike at anything that enters their world. If it moves and they can get it into their big mouth, bass will attempt to eat it.


 Also known as bucketmouth, this fish has a mouth that opens wide enough to swallow its own head. It will attempt to eat virtually anything it can catch and swallow. Growing to well over 20 pounds. World Record 22 Lbs 4 oz.

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