Location: Approximately 68 miles west of Laredo, TX - Mexico state of Coahuila 


Size: Approximately 120,000 acres at full pool - 27 Square Miles


Lake Record: 14 pounds, 35 ounce Largemouth Bass


Facts: Like many Mexican bass lakes, Don Martin' has experienced ups and downs in bass fishing due to droughts, hurricanes, fish kills and other factors. Just a few years ago, some anglers were saying it was long past its prime, but conditions recently have been favorable for good spawns and growth of older bass, bringing the lake back into the limelight as one of Mexico’s prospering blue-ribbon destinations for sizeable bass in numbers. Visitors today can expect to catch 60-100 bass daily, including, if they’re lucky, several 10-pound plus monsters.


Fishing tips: On Don Martin, deep-diving crankbaits are valued above all others for enticing the lake’s huge bass.  It is best to cast close to the bank or visible cover, reel fast to get the crankbait down to the fish zone, then retrieve with momentary pauses now and then. On good days, you’ll catch a bass every cast using this technique.  Near dawn and dusk, big topwater plugs work on the surface often providing unforgettable action. Spinnerbaits, Lipless rattle baits, large plastic lizards, worms and swimbaits will nab plenty of battlers throughout the rest of the day.


Plan ahead: You’ll have to book early to get some of the limited accommodations during the September through June fishing season.

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