Aguascalientes enjoys a thriving economy due in part to its central location with good access to the country’s markets.

Well-established industries in Aguascalientes include agriculture, food processing, brandy, wine and textiles. The textile industry accounts for about 15 percent of the state’s economy. Agriculture also makes a significant contribution, using about 35 percent of the state’s land for dairy farming, grapes for wine, peaches, chilies, wheat, corn, alfalfa and other crops.

Recently, companies such as Texas Instruments, Xerox and Nissan have opened facilities in Aquascalientes, contributing to growth in the manufacture of electronics, mechanical products, metal and automobiles. These industries are now responsible for almost one-third of the state’s economy, which increased by seven percent from 1997 to 2002.

Sports, both modern and traditional, are enjoyed by the people of Aguascalientes. Saturdays are for soccer, since Necaxa—one of Mexico’s oldest soccer teams—moved to Aguascalientes from Mexico City in 2003. On Sundays, bullfights draw crowds to the Plaza de Toros San Marcos.

Named after the numerous hot springs in the area, Aguascalientes, one of the smallest Mexican states, is also known as a manufacturing center and for its table wines, brandy, aguardiente and other fruit liquors. Despite its small size, Aguascalientes boasts a rich culinary tradition. Specialties of the region include hog ribs with guava sauce, cheese-and-butter tamales, breads from Calvillo and desserts such as chocolatina and el ate, a

traditional solid candy.

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