Tips on Bait Colors


Sometimes bait color makes all the difference between a day of action and a day of frustration. Accomplished anglers always experiment with different colors until they key on to a presentation that flips a fish's trigger. To get started down the right road in color selection, first look at the water you're fishing and determine if it's clear, stained or dark. Then follow this guide as a starting point and experiment from there. Good Luck!


  • Use subtle colors like white, yellow, brown and black.

  • Often smaller baits work best

  • Go "stealth-mode" with lighter line (6 - 10lb. test)


  • Start with subtle colors and work toward vibrant colors.

  • Trial and error is the key to fishing stained water.

  • Medium weight lines are ideal. (10 - 12lb. test)


  • Vibrant, flashy colors get the best results.

  • Go with big baits since they're easier to see in murky water.

  • Now's the time to go with heavy line (12 - 20lb. test) since fish aren't as "line shy".


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