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Mexico Bass Fishing
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If you want to catch a 10-pound-plus bass, perhaps several lunkers that size, your best chance lies in planning a fishing trip to Mexico. Dozens of lakes built by our neighbors south of the border offer good fishing opportunities for huge Largemouths, thanks to its long growing season, plentiful forage & bass genes that produce "hawgs" reaching double-digit weights.
The question is, "Which of many prime Mexican fishing waters currently offer the best chances for landing that bass of a lifetime?"  Here are ten lakes you certainly should consider.

Lake Aguamilpa, one of the greatest Largemouth bass lakes in Mexico, is known to have a considerable numbers of bass in its waters, which means that it is one of the newer lakes. The bass in this particular lake are numerous, with their size ranging from 3-10 lbs.  Most anglers catch from 80-100 bass per day. The current lake record is 14 lb. 6 oz.

This little hidden gem of a lake is less than an hour drive from Lake Aguamilpa. The owner of the lodge on Lake Aguamilpa is the sole outfitter for the private lake. It is filled with some giants. It has sat with little fishing pressure for almost 30 years; no one knows how it got stocked, but it did. Day trips to this lake are available with lunch served on-site. Anglers will fish from a boat with a guide and have the chance of catching a 15lb+ bass. It’s a rare opportunity to get to fish places like this anymore where there is very little pressure and no public bass boats. It’s actually the ultimate compliment to a four day fishing trip on Lake Aguamilpa, to spend 1/2 of your trip on this private bass lake and the other half catching 100's of bass from Lake Aguamilpa.

LAKE BACCARAC: The lake record is 19 lbs. 10 oz.
Lake Baccarac has been a good supplier of Florida Strain Largemouth bass, and incredible continuous improvements have been reported every year. Situated 90 miles due east of Los Mochis, the lake is approximately 25 miles long and 5 miles wide, 30,000 acres at full pool, and is nestled among green-forested mountain peaks. Several trophy-size bass have been caught in this lake, which is popular for having great structure with 300 rocky points, abundant deep coves, and ample main lake humps. 

LAKE COMEDERO: The lake record is 
19 lbs. 6 oz.
Lake Comedero is approximately 100 miles northeast of Mazatlan.  It is 34,000 acre feet at full pool, 300 ft. deep, 10 miles long, 996 feet at the narrowest point, which makes it twice the size of El Salto.
Everyone knows how amazing El Salto is; so think of Comedero as El Salto with virtually no fishing pressure, as it is remote enough to keep local and American sports fishermen from driving and pulling their boats to the lake. Comedero is one of the best topwater trophy bass lakes in the world, with the prime time from March to mid June. 

LAKE EL CRISTO ROTO:  The lake record is 18 lbs. 3oz

Lake El Cristo Roto (The Broken Christ) is located in the northern part of the Bajio region, in north-central Mexico, bordered by Zacatecas to the north, east & west, and by Jalisco to the south. It was created by the Plutarco Elías Calles dam, which also transformed some of the highest landmasses in the region into islands. With an altitue of 6,400 ft above sea level, the lake is predominately of semi-arid climate.


LAKE EL SALTO:  The lake record is 18 lbs. 5 oz.
Lake El Salto, a man made lake is a scenic impoundment located on the foot hills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is 75 miles northeast of Mazatlan in western Mexico.  The lake has approximately 27,000 acre feet at full pool.
The best fishing action occurs in the upper half of the lake, where there are more than 30 islands, countless stands of flooded mesquite trees & cactus, rock piles, deep channels, with the majority of El Salto’s nearly 400 brush-covered points. Also, there are times when some of El Salto gets hot due to its more peculiar bass structure, the flooded ruins of two villages. Pre-spawn usually occurs between December and January, with spawning February through March. The best months to fish for big post-spawn females are April, May, June and July. 

LAKE EL CUCHILLO:  The lake record is 14 lbs. 9 oz.
Lake El Cuchillo is in the state of Nuevo Leon in northeastern Mexico and is a 1-1/2-hour drive on paved highway from the town of Monterrey.  At full pool the lake is 40,000 acre feet.
The lake is still unfamiliar to most American anglers but harbors an almost untapped gold mine of big bass. It is home to a mix of Northern Largemouth and Florida Strain Largemouth bass, a combination that promotes the growth of huge bass with nasty attitudes.  Anglers fishing tournaments have weighed in good numbers of 10-pound-plus bass.
Commercial fishing is not allowed, which promote growth of bigger bass. The water is not used for irrigation or power either, so lake levels do not fluctuate much, a bonus for visiting anglers.

LAKE HIDALGO & LAKE DOMINGUEZ:  Only 15 minutes apart
Lake Hidalgo and Lake Dominguez have excellent Largemouth Bass fishing, with plenty of action and big lunkers.
Lake Hidalgo is 60 miles Northeast of Los Mochis. It originates in the Fuerte river and carries its waters into the lake. The lake is 1191 feet at the narrowest, 33,423 feet at the widest places, and extends to 6.44 miles.​ It is best known as a numbers lake for Largemouth bass.
​The fishing season is Oct. 1 thru May 31.
Anglers have been using top water baits, mid water divers and lures, along with plastic worms.  We host bass fishing trips in custom boats for guys, couples, corporate fishing events, and family bass fishing charters.
Hidalgo Lodge is highly dedicated to delivering first class services to all of our fishing & hunting guests. You will feel “at home” and part of our family. Delicious meals are served daily; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, our famous Paloma Bandido, hors d’oeuvres, margaritas and a variety of beverages.

LAKE HUITES: The Lake Record is 19 lb 10 oz 
Lake Huites is one of the hottest bass lakes in the world is Lake Huites, located on Mexico's West Coast, outside the city of Los Mochis. This man-made reservoir was initially stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass fingerlings to jump start the fishery. These bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and an abundant, protein-rich diet of tilapia and shad and the bass are growing at a rate of 1 1/2 to 2 lbs a year.
- 25 MILES LONG - 5 MILES WIDE - 30,000 ACRES 

Lake Zimapan is an arch dam on the Moctezuma River, about 87 miles from the city of Queretaro. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and it services a 292 MW power station with water. The lake is approximately 9 square miles  in surface and in some places exceeds 600 ft. in depth with crystal clear water.
The average number of fish per boat per day is 50-100, with a lake record of 11 lbs. 8 oz.

Contact Tommy now to plan your great Mexico bass fishing vacation. 

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